Self Esteem

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Self Esteem

self esteem

Building self esteem can be hard because we find it difficult to admit that, unwittingly, over the years we have developed deeper and deeper negative thoughts about ourselves.

Thoughts that progressively knock at our self-confidence and feelings of worth although we don’t actually realise that’s what is happening. So re- building our self esteem will be a bit of a challenge.

To bring our thoughts back into balance, we must develop a much more positive view of our relationship with the world around us.

The reality is that most people need to look at themselves more positively!

So, when was the last time you looked in a mirror and saw only good things about yourself? Can’t remember, I bet! So now lets develop some positive anxiety relaxation techniques that will transform your outlook.

The power of positive thinking!

So often you know, we tend to see only negative things – our nose is too big, our eyes are too small, our waist is too large, our bottom is too big, our hair is a mess!!!    Daily reinforcement year in year out only confirms subconsciously that we are inadequate!   This has to stop!

Take steps to control your mind!

Stop staying awake worrying about all these dreadful problems that very probably will never happen but seem so much worse at night. You know really that in the past when you had worries they usually melted away to nothing. Reassure yourself more often not to worry and try to get a sense of proportion. You can cope with stress if you put your mind to it correctly!

Force yourself to develop a positive mental attitude!

Every morning without fail, look in the mirror and tell yourself, 5 good things about yourself.  Make yourself laugh! You know nobody else in the whole world has dimples (or spots) like that! Start looking for humour  in stressful situations. Humour is a great way to build up positive thoughts and to cope with stress.

Be Patient!

Remember it takes time to develop a positive mental attitude that becomes automatic and second nature. But the great thing is – keep at it and it will happen! Guaranteed! Sooner than you think, you will begin to feel able to move mountains in your personal life.

Write down everything that causes you stress!

It could be as simple as the dog next door barking, the parts of your trip to work that create stress, the colleague whose attitude always irritates you in the office and so on. Everything large or small goes on your list, even ask your partner and family to come up with more areas where you seem to cause them bother and irritation as well.

Identify the ones that appear the most important and cause the most stress!

Take each situation ( you see it’s no longer a problem! ) and imagine a scenario to resolve it. Refuse to be negative about any situation and come up with a positive spin on each. Of course its hard at first, but keep at it, it will get easier, I promise!

Never ever allow yourself to think that you can’t cope!

You can! Instead of seeing only a whole depressing overwhelming picture, break it down into simple little segments. Then solve each little picture post card, one step at a time. If you look at a mountain, you could believe that you could never climb to the top. But if it took only 3,600 steps to reach the top, anyone could do it one step at a time.

It’s ALL in YOUR mind!

Stop worrying about stressful situations you can do nothing about!

Tell yourself so every hour on the hour – it takes a long time to break an ingrained habit. Stop looking for the worst, try finding more positive things around you.

Find solutions!

Here’s a simple proposal to let you see just how fantastic your mind is.

–  If you are struggling with a situation, go over the main points briefly before you go to sleep

–  Tell your subconscious mind – mine’s called Abby by the way! – to produce the right solution overnight whilst you are sleeping.

–   Then forget about it!!

–   Believe that it will happen and you will be amazed at the success you will achieve as soon as you awaken.

I have lost count of the hundreds of difficult letters and solutions to unusual problems I have completed this way over the years. You will find that your mind will do the same. Write quickly or use a recorder because you will find the ideas pour out!  Keep a pen and paper beside your bed!

It is only a question of training your mind!

Remember, your mind causes the physical symptoms of stress to build up in your body- so use your mind to reduce the impact of stress on yourself!  Turn the tables!  Through your own mind develop a positive, effective, stress management system and soon with a little training you will view your whole world completely differently.

The power of positive thinking is amazing!

If you find after trying all these suggestions that you are just running out of ideas, don’t give up for help is at hand!

There is an excellent book that suggests innovative ways and strategies to resolve a huge range of stress inducing situations and anxieties. It is well worth looking at and provides a huge range of benefits for anyone suffering from poor self esteem. For more information, please Click Here!

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