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Meditation is one of a number of anxiety relaxation techniques that can help you provide relief for stress and the effects of stress in your life. When trying to cope with stress it allows you to take stock of your feelings and level of physical tension. It gives a period of quiet time to bring your body back into harmony.

What do you do?

–  First find a quiet place where it is possible to relax without interruption or distraction and especially with no telephone.

–  Sit in a comfortable chair or on the floor with your spine straight

–  Shut your eyes, start your slow breathing technique and tell your mind and body to prepare to relax

–  Now is the time when you will get rid of all your stress.

–  Imagine a pleasant relaxed place that you can see in your mind’s eye.

I visualise a beautiful tropical island when I need relief for stress in my life and it has worked extremely well over the years for me.


Picture yourself walking along a lovely golden sandy beach through large palm trees. The wind is rustling through the fronds and beautiful birds sing above. It is magical and truly peaceful.

Hear the waves gently crashing down on the beach and walk slowly along noting the clouds that prevent the sun shining on the beach making the area a little dull.

On your back you have a backpack stuffed with notes on all your stress and difficult problems you have faced recently. As you walk along you feel the wind ruffling your hair and pushing your clothes against your skin, you realise that your backpack seems different.

Your troubles are slowly dribbling onto the beach like grains of sand and you have to hold back a smile as you visualise them gone never to bother you again.

Suddenly the sun breaks through and you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. Feel every part of you relaxing in the pleasant heat.

Start at your feet and slowly tighten and then relax each muscle as you visualise moving slowly up your body finally reaching your neck muscles and your head.

Your backpack feels lighter with every step and as it does you feel a lightness in your spirit as you realise your stress and past problems no longer seem to bother you.

You smile to yourself as you arrive at a small stream with clear blue water trickling around stones. You know when you cross this stream you will be invigorated, refreshed and completely relaxed – ready to face anything.

You take off your shoes and feel the refreshing cool water washing your feet and ankles as you wade across.

When you reach the other side of the stream you notice that your backpack has fallen in the water and your realise that your stress can float out to sea with it and disappear for ever.

You know that now you can cope with stress of any kind now and in the future.

Slowly you stretch and open your eyes, smiling and feeling totally relaxed.

You know you can face anything in the future that life throws at you!

If you find that you can’t get your head easily round the visualisation relaxation techniques mentioned above, then there is an alternative that is definitely for you!

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