Deep Breathing Exercises

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Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises helped me in my very earliest experience of handling and controlling stress and shaped my life!   I found that they really can solve many stressful situations for you.

Deep Breathing Exercises

This was long before I read the amazing 400 Strategies for a Stressfree Life. which really changed my life for the better!

Some time ago, my manager was taken ill just about one hour before he was due to speak at a large seminar. I was asked to step in!  Now that was really stressful.

As soon as he disappeared in the ambulance with less than 60 minutes to go, my symptoms of stress appeared:

Pounding heart
Sweaty hands and body
Racing pulse
Irregular shallow fast breathing
Desperate need to go to the loo

A full-scale Panic Attack! I knew I needed to do something to calm myself or I would not be able to speak at all!

I had helped write the speech so understood what he had wanted to achieve.  But that did not help my total blue funk, I had to get a grip on myself and quickly!  I remembered the tips I had picked up in Panic Away when I had used it to help me before.

I went to my hotel room, sat down, closed my eyes and started slow, deep breathing exercises from my abdomen at about 6 breaths a minute. After 5 minutes or so, my body had quietened and my pulse was down to near normal. But that was just the start, further stress management was the key.

So I went to the mirror and looked at myself. I talked to myself about my feelings towards making this speech and consciously threw away all the negative thoughts  that were affecting me. I then pointed out to myself all my positive skills that would help me make this speech over the next hour.

I could not believe that it would work but it did!

I really started to feel that I could do it!! I skimmed through the speech notes and realised I would be able to speak with some authority and confidence.

Fortunately, the audience knew what had happened and I was fine and given a heart-warming round of applause at the end.

I gained more from that experience of being thrown in at the deep end than anything else in my whole life.

I realised that if you believe in yourself and trust your own ability and common sense you will be amazed at what you can achieve – even public speaking! That belief has shaped how I approached my working day ever day since.

I would urge you every day, if possible, to find a few minutes to spend working on your breathing exercises. It doesn’t take long and brings a wonderful feeling of calm and strength of purpose. It makes a huge difference to your ability to cope with stress and anything else the day and life is going to throw at you!

If you want to practise this simple breathing exercise to reduce stress but find it difficult to do without help, there is an excellent breathing aid that could be very helpful to you.

Although developed primarily to help lower blood pressure, it was discovered it was also very helpful to anyone who wants to reduce stress and adopt a routinely calm approach to their day.

The system aids intensive relaxation, provides relief for stress and chronic anxiety, improves sleep and strengthens relief for anxiety and panic attacks.

For more information about this clever Breathe Easy procedure and to see how well it works for you, please Click Here!

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