Calories To Lose Weight

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Calories To Lose Weight

Working out the calories to lose weight can be very stressful when you are overweight but help is at hand and you can lose weight fast if you find the right diet plan and adopt the right mindset.  How often do you hear “I want to lose weight” but they never seem to organise themselves to do anything positive about it.

For we’ve all been there at some time and find it difficult to manage the stress, anxiety and general feeling of worthlessness and inadequacy that being overweight brings.  But you have to focus your mind to be successful and here we will show you how!

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calories to lose weight

A few lucky people are perfectly happy being overweight and it does not bother them at all. However, the rest of us…

You know the feeling :-

–   It’s hard to walk into a room crowded with strangers
–   You sweat too much and stick to chairs on hot days
–   Your legs rub together and cause discomfort or make embarrassing noises
–   It’s harder and harder to find nice clothes
–   You don’t really want to socialise any more
–   You comfort eat although you know it’s only going to make matters worse
–   You remember the days when you were thin!

Stop these feelings of despair and worthlessness especially when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror. All you’re doing is building up more stress for yourself.

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If you really want to drop some dress sizes to really feel good and get rid of the stress then that’s where to start.

Your body uses food for energy but it cleverly stores any excess as fat in case of hard times ahead. So, if you eat more than your body needs to burn, you will put on weight, I’m afraid.

It’s that simple and in our heart of  hearts we all know that!!

You Can Lose Weight Fast!

So What to Do?

It’s no good going on a crash diet. If you do, your body will just shut down and prepare to turn even more energy into fat ready for the really bad times. Once off the diet, the fat goes straight back on.

How to lose weight is huge on the internet and elsewhere. There are hundreds of apparently promising diet plans  out there today.  They promise how to show you how to lose weight fast in 3 weeks; give easy ways to lose weight; say lose baby fat in 3 days; lose weight without dieting; tips to lose weight fast; lose weight quickly and on and on and on.

Some do work for some lucky people but you really need to go for the one that will be best for you.

Hard to Find?

Actually no! 

Thousands have succeeded on one particular very successful diet system. 

It  first requires you to understand how your body works.

Then suggests  the best mix of appropriate foods and exercise to achieve your maximum weight loss..

From my research, one of the best and most popular is The Fat Loss Factor  which provides excellent support as you lose weight.

Dr Charles, the writer, is a hugely respected chiropractic physician, wellness practitioner and advanced nutritionist with over 15 years experience in this field. You could say The Fat Loss Factor is not a diet instead it is the solution that will give you the body you want for the long term.

The Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor details the specific foods and portions your body needs for optimum health and weight loss.

You balance each meal so that you are eating the right foods in the correct amounts to lose the maximum weight as quickly as possible.

You benefit from eating real foods at every meal with no low-carbs, low-fat, or bad tasting foods.

The Fat Loss Factor is the choice if you have trouble with cravings or hunger on other diets.

Of course you can’t just eat whatever you want but you will have good sized portions of a wide variety of foods.

Eating the right foods to give you the right calories to lose weight and avoiding the bad foods means you will lose weight faster than on any starvation diet.

This programme also offers to help you lose up to 10 pounds in the first week through a a more extreme version of the Fat Loss Factor.

With a stricter nutrition and exercise programme you can fast track your weight loss.

Verdict: An effective and simple plan that gives you more options with your food choices than most diets without sacrificing results. My top choice and well worth trying out The Fat Loss Factor with its 60 day guarantee you can’t lose out.

Now For Something Completely Different

There’s a new way of losing weight sweeping across the States. It turns all the old perceived wisdom about dieting on its head. It’s worth trying it out because it guarantees weight loss with no significant change in your favorite foods.

There’s a lot of gimmicks, fat burner pills and FAD diets out there that promise amazing weight loss.

Of all the supposed success stories, the one name that keeps popping up is Mike Geary and his programme for getting rid of belly fat leaving the new slim svelte you.

The main focus is on eating foods scientifically proven to burn fat naturally.

With some exercise – we’re only fooling ourselves if we think we can lose weight and not exercise – the meal plans dramatically speed up your weight loss. Mike is convinced you don’t need cardio or sit-ups to lose stomach fat and his system proves it. He suggests short targeted exercises to do at home.

The Major Benefits are:

** You eat 4 to 6 meals a day
** Exercise for only 30 minutes 3 times a week
** No sit ups, gimmicks or ab machines
** Works long term

*** 60-day money back guarantee

Compared to other diets you don’t have to go hungry and the dozens of success stories confirm how effective this programme is.

Do I recommend you try it? Yes, definitely.

You have nothing to lose. Mike offers a money-back guarantee and the programme is really easy to use – even if you just want to try it out for a couple of days.  I like the good, solid and proven methods to lose fat fast.

So try it out at no risk. Celebrate the New You and CLICK HERE!

Water, Water, Water….

My grandmother suggested a simple solution to reduce my podgy body as a teenager.

Drink 2 glasses of water at room temperature before each meal and you’ll soon lose weight.

Beggar me but it worked!

After so many years I couldn’t believe it when I read an article in the Daily Mail recently which stated: “A Cheap Weight-loss Tip That Really Does Hold Water”. American researchers at Virginia University found that dieters who down 2 glasses of water before each meal shed 5 more pounds than the control group not offered water.

So that’s my hot tip for you – proven over 50 years ago!

Some Simple Tips

*   Swap your normal dinner plate for a smaller one.

Not a very small one but one of reasonable size so that you eat a good sized portion but not quite as much as you did before. Stop when you feel full – you don’t have to empty the plate.

**  Improve your metabolism by exercising daily.

It doesn’t have to be excessive. Walk a bit more, climb stairs instead of using lifts, perform a few exercises. Keep it interesting and you’ll keep at it, push too much and you won’t. Remember, burn more calories than you consume and the dress sizes will drop!

*** Don’t miss meals

Especially eat a good breakfast as it sets you up for the day.

****  Before eating, ask yourself why you’re eating

Are you really hungry or just stressed or anxious?  If you’re tempted to eat when you’re not hungry, look for a distraction to take your mind off food.

***** Identify your favourite comfort foods 

Make sure you do not have them in your home or office when dieting.

****** Record your routine working day and eating habits

Look for patterns and connections – then overcome them.

******* Buy a favourite dress (if you are female) in a smaller size

Visualise yourself wearing it – set that as a definite goal.

******* Identify a special treat to have after losing set amounts of weight.

Far better to change gradually. Small changes can make a big difference.

Your one extra biscuit a day could mean an extra 7lb a year – remove it from your food intake and you will lose that amount and achieve the calories to  lose weight that you need. Changes have to be permanent to maintain the new slim you.

If All Else Fails…………...

Could Hypnosis Work For You?

If even these super systems don’t work for you then what is left?

Clearly it has to be something totally out of the ordinary that will build up your self confidence, improve your self control and relieve stress caused through not being able to lose weight sufficiently.

Well there is such a thing!


Hypnosis is I believe hugely under-rated as a means of coping with the many different factors that can cause stress in the individual.

Hypnosis has been used in numerous cases from pain free childbirth to removing a person’s teeth without anaesthetic and with minimal bleeding. I have devoted another page on this website to the benefits of self hypnosis in solving serious stress problems. Please check it out.

There was also a recent report in the Daily Mail where an hypnotist hypnotised an obese woman into believing that she had had a virtual gastric band fitted to her stomach to lose weight.

Almost laughable, except she lost 5 stones over the period of the treatment!

I am a huge advocate of hypnosis as I have used it very successfully in different areas of my own life. These stretch from improving my golf swing, solving sleeping problems to reducing stress in myself and others.

The webpage that I believe provides the best quality of information and product choice is here. You’ll never need to worry about counting calories to lose weight again!

Click Here!

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