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Hi Barry

Welcome to my site!! Here’s some ideas for you – http://internetsuccesszone.com/gifts/1kblueprint.pdf – there are hundreds of ideas out there in the internet all you have to do is look for them and join some forums on how to make money/how to sell things/ how to sell on amazon etc etc etc very best wishes ian

Hello, I’m Ian and I’d like to warmly welcome you to my site.

I created this site after reading on various forums how visitors and members were so stressed.

They seemed less and less able to handle the increasing levels of stress and anxiety, the inevitable consequence of living in today’s modern and fast- paced society.

I realised that my own experiences when I learned to cope with stress could help many of the visitors to my site.

They would be able to develop a much more positive and less stressed approach and gain the opportunity for an overall better quality of life.

My formal knowledge comes from completing a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Aberdeen.

This was followed by studying Business Management at Robert Gordons in my early twenties – some time ago – and many other courses over the years !

Since then I have spent many years working in often very demanding jobs across various organisations in different countries.

There I dealt with different types of stress, the effects of stress and practised anxiety management techniques not only on myself but on other members of staff.

I really want to offer you a fighting chance of beating the stress that is ever present in our lives.

I want you to benefit from my experience in overcoming stressful situations head on, positively and always with a good sense of humor!

I will be adding regular additional posts and articles, so please bookmark my site and return often.

If you feel the information on here would help other persons who have problems finding proper relief for stress and anxiety, please copy the site to them.

Even after so many years, I find that I’m still learning how to be that relaxed contented person that can handle any situation!

Perhaps it’ll never happen!

However, I do have a fund of knowledge and experience that I am sure you will find helpful in your stressfree years ahead!

Please contact me with any queries about this website or its content by mail:


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