Stress Relief Methods

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Stress Relief Methods    

Life style pressures affect everyone at one time or another, from fear of losing your job, struggling with family or private relationships to worrying about paying your mortgage or excessive debts

stress relief methods

Learning how to cope with stress is not easy at first. But you must tackle it before low level stress develops into crippling chronic stress.You must develop personal skills to allow you to handle different stressful situations as they arise.


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How do you reduce stress in your life?  How do you develop an effective stress management system to relieve stress and its impact on you and  family and friends?

Where you cannot avoid stress, can you plan to handle it more positively and effectively using your previous experience to build on?

Stand back and assess yourself!

Over the years we unconsciously develop negative thoughts about ourselves. Thoughts that progressively knock at our self-confidence and feelings of worth although we don’t realise that’s what’s happening.  Are YOU doing this?

Take stock. Is your life in balance or are you trying to do too much. Is your life running away from you?  Take control of your stress before it gets out of hand! Don’t put it off!  Don’t try to do too much at first, just take one step at a time.

Simple but effective tips to start off are:

–   Find more ”ME” time  and enjoy the simple pleasures around you
–   Have coffee with friends
–   Enjoy a hobby or sport

–    Watch less television especially news that’s too often depressing and negative

–   Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and look after your appearance.
–   Don’t forget your people skills, just listening is also an art!

–   Recharging your batteries is essential.
Make it a habit to have some gentle physical exercise every day.  A short   walk in pleasant surroundings can make a huge difference in your approach to handling problems. It costs nothing and needs only a little effort!

–    Be happy in yourself.
–   Praise yourself and talk to yourself more about your good points.   Banish all negative thoughts.
–  Try to think positively and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done at least once a day!
–  Talk to your subconscious – give it a name! It’s your friend and it decides how you physically react to situations!
–   Set aside some time every day to relax and talk to yourself.   One day a week switch off completely.

—  Deep breathing. Don’t forget that deep breathing is a real help in stressful situations.  Just pause and practise deep slow breathing from your stomach.  Aim to slow down to 6 a minute and in a few minutes you will feel much more relaxed.

–  Smile more!   Greet people more warmly and you will find you feel better in yourself.

If you feel good about yourself you will find it reflects in your relationship with others and how you cope with challenges.     Look for humour around you, it really helps!  

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